Tecumseh Police Department

In Case of an Emergency, Please Call: 911

The Police Department provides public safety services for the community.

Business, Records and lobby hours are Monday-Thursday from 8:00 am-6:00 pm. Closed Fri, Sat, Sun and all major holidays.  Tecumseh police officers are always on duty and are dispatched by Lenawee County Central Dispatch.  You can request a police officer by dialing 911 or 517-263-0524; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fax: 517-423-1820
Business/Records: 517-423-7494

The Tecumseh Police Department is comprised of 14 sworn officers, and a Police Services Clerk.  Included in the sworn personnel is a full-time School Resource Officer assigned to Tecumseh Public Schools.  We are a full-service police department, providing police services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Name  Extension  Email Address
Police Services Clerk M. Andrews  228  andrewsm@tecumsehmi.gov
Police Chief Brett Coker  215  bcoker@tecumsehmi.gov
Officer H. Williams  232 hwilliams@tecumsehmi.gov
Officer R. Escott  224  rescott@tecumsehmi.gov
Officer T. Gilbert  225  gilbertt@tecumsehmi.gov
Officer B. Horn  216  bhorn@tecumsehmi.gov
Officer S. Keller 231 skeller@tecumsehmi.gov
Sergeant S. Lambka  226  slambka@tecumsehmi.gov
Officer A. Ondrovick  218  aondrovick@tecumsehmi.gov
Sergeant Z. Owens  222  zowens@tecumsehmi.gov
Sergeant C. Rodgers  220  crodgers@tecumsehmi.gov
Officer S. Spicer  217  sspicer@tecumsehmi.gov
Sergeant G. Walsh  221  gwalsh@tecumsehmi.gov
Officer P. Wolf  219 wolfp@tecumsehmi.gov
Sergeant J. Wright  299  wrightj@tecumsehmi.gov


Mission Statement 

MISSION:  It is the mission of the Tecumseh Police Department to assist the community in ensuring the safety and well-being, quality of life, and individual freedoms and rights of all its citizens, and those that work or pass through the City of Tecumseh.

CORE VALUES:  It is this department’s belief that professionalism, integrity, and pride in the job are the basis for establishing mutual trust with our community and the citizens we encounter. Due to this, we are committed to providing service and leadership in our community with courtesy and respect for individual freedoms and rights. Human life and the quality of that life are held in the highest regard.

We will continually strive to accomplish these tasks through effective communication and teamwork with the community we serve. 

The members of the Tecumseh Police Department value: 

  • Individual rights and freedoms of all we encounter
  • Human life and quality of life
  • Our integrity
  • The trust our community offers us
  • Professionalism at all times
  • Courtesy and compassion for all who may be victims or who suffer
  • Constant communication and teamwork within our community
  • Our commitment to providing leadership to our citizens