Building Services

The Building Services Department is responsible for the following services:

Issuing building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits, site plan review, zoning compliance, property maintenance complaints, noxious weed complaints, setting Zoning Board of Appeals dates, Planning Commission meetings, Historic Preservation Commission meetings, Construction Board of Appeals, Property Maintenance Board of Appeals and similar matters. Brad Raymond is the Development Services Director, Building  Inspector and Zoning Administrator.

This Department oversees all new construction and additions to existing buildings in the city, including industrial, commercial and residential properties.The Department also ensures that all construction meets State of Michigan Codes. Building Division inspectors review construction at certain stages and at the conclusion of all projects to ensure compliance with all the City's Building Codes and Construction Standards.

Other Useful Phone Numbers:

State of Michigan (Administration)  (517) 241-9302
MISS DIG  (800) 482-7171
Consumers Energy (Gas & Electric)  (800) 477-5050
Lenawee County Health Department  (517) 264-5204
Midwest Energy Cooperative  (800) 492-5989
Midwest Energy Cooperative  (517) 263-1808

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Development Workflow6 documents

  • Building Permit Process
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  • Site Plan Review Process
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  • Special Land Use Process
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  • Zoning Board of Appeals Process
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  • Permitted Use Process
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  • Construction Board of Appeals Process
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Fee Schedules5 documents

  • Building Fee Schedule
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  • Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule
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  • Electrical Fee Schedule
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  • Mechanical Fee Schedule
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  • Plumbing Fee Schedule
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