Roadside Mailbox Policy

All mailboxes within the City of Tecumseh are to be mounted according to U. S. Postal Service Regulations.These regulations stipulate that roadside mailboxes are to be mounted at a height of 3.5 to 4 feet above the roadway surface and the front of the mailbox must not project over the back of the curb. In areas where there is no curb, the front of the box must not project over the back of the aggregate berm or shoulder. It will be the resident's responsibility to maintain a structurally sound mailbox within the City of Tecumseh right-of-way.

The City of Tecumseh Department of Public Works will repair or replace any mailboxes which, properly mounted according to regulations, are directly struck and damaged by DPW equipment. Repair or replacement of mailboxes that are not capable of withstanding the force of flying snow resulting from snow removal operations will be the responsibility of the resident. It is the resident's responsibility to clear the snow in and around the mailbox for postal delivery.

Residents having further questions on the placement of their mailboxes may call our office at 423-1443 or the Tecumseh Post Office for assistance.