Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works (DPW)  is responsible for a broad array of services within the City. We are more than just the "street department" even though much of our time is indeed spent maintaining the 90 curb miles of major and local streets located within the city limits.

DPW Services:
  • The DPW is responsible for construction and maintenance of streets and storm sewers, as well as snow removal on streets and city-owned parking lots. Working in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the City maintains a portion of M-50 (Chicago Boulevard) running through the center of town.
  • DPW maintains off-system traffic signals, and is responsible for over 1200 roadside regulatory, warning and street name signs throughout the City. While the City contracts its engineering services with outside firms, a portion of the engineering support work is done in-house, from traffic studies to data collection on various projects. 
  • Engineering and construction of sidewalks and ADA ramps, and administers the Sidewalk Special Assessment program.
  • In the event of severe weather, we also provide storm damage pickup for downed limbs and trees. We do ask that all brush be brought to the curb and stacked in one direction to make pickup easier and safer for our crews.  Do not place brush in the street.
  • Christmas tree pickup is provided to all City streets in January of each year. Please check the local newspaper and/or local radio stations for the specific pick up dates.  Trees must be curbside, with no bags, decorations or stands attached.
  • The City has over 140 vehicles and pieces of equipment in its fleet, the majority of which are all serviced at the DPW facility.
  • DPW crews maintain all City-owned buildings as well.