Lost Dogs


The Tecumseh Police Department runs a small kennel where stray dogs are housed for up to three days.

If you've lost your dog, contact us. If we don't have your dog, we will log the information and contact you if it is found.


Pick Up Fee $15.00 — First offense
  $30.00 — Second offense
  $50.00 — Third offense
Unlicensed Fee $5.00
Per day Kennel Fee $10.00

Charges will increase with second and subsequent offenses.

Dogs must be vaccinated for rabies and have a valid license before being released. 

Dog licenses can be purchased from the Lenawee County Treasurer's Office. Licenses purchased before March 1st are discounted.

The Tecumseh Police Department does not lodge cats or other animals.

TIP: Tecumseh Police Department recommends that your dog wear an identification tag on its collar. This makes for easy identification of the dog and owner. With an ID tag, your pet can be reunited with you in a short period of time.  The Department also has an ID Chip scanner to assist in finding owners.

Leash Law: Tecumseh does not have a leash law, however, owners must maintain control of their dogs at all times. Please remember to "scoop" when walking your dog. There is a City Ordinance requiring owners to pick up after their dogs.

During cold weather, make sure to give your dog shelter and ensure his water bowl does not freeze. Keep your dog's paws and pads free from dirt and ice to prevent frostbite.

Questions about Dog Ordinances can be directed to the Department at (517) 423-7494.  For more information regarding Tecumseh's dog ordinances, click here.

If you are having problems with other animals, such as stray cats, raccoons, or skunks, you will need to contact a private animal control business such as Roger Sherwood (517) 605-7848, Trapper Bob's (517) 265-8450, or Orner's Wildlife Control (517) 918-0435.