Abandoned Vehicles

Under the ordinance the following restrictions apply to the storage of vehicles on private property:

  • Motor vehicles stored on private property outside of a permanent structure for more than 48 hours must:
  • Be parked on a hard surface (concrete, asphalt or compacted gravel)specifically designed for the parking and exterior storage of motor vehicles.
  • Display a current Michigan registration for that particular vehicle.
  • Be an operable vehicle (i.e. the engine runs, transmission is operable, no flattires, etc.)
  • Have all of its major components, parts and accessories attached andoperational for their intended purpose.
  • Not be resting on jacks, blocks or similar device for repairs for more than 48hours.
These restrictions do not apply to a vehicle that is stored inside a permanent structure such as a garage.
Exception:A “historic vehicle,” as defined by the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, may be stored outside for more than 48 hours as long as it is on a hard surface (concrete, asphalt or compacted gravel) specifically designed for the parking and exterior storage of motor vehicles, and is completely covered by a motor vehicle tarp specifically designed and tailored for the vehicle it is covering. The tarp cannot be a flat polymer, canvas, nylon or plastic tarp.

The purpose and goal of this ordinance is to obtain voluntary compliance on the part of property owners so that the city can remain esthetically pleasing and so that property values can be maintained. Property or vehicle owners found to be in violation of the ordinance are guilty of a civil infraction for a first offense. Second and subsequent violations are treated as a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $100 and/or up to 90 days in jail.