Obtaining a Permit

Building Permits Many home improvements require a building permit from the City of Tecumseh's Development Services Department. Before making any additions or improvements to property in the city, it is important to check if any permits are required for the project. The Master Deed or Covenants and Restrictions should also be checked, as there may be some restrictions that apply for a particular development.

Many homeowners' associations may also have an Architectural Review Committee that serves as the review board for any projects that affect the property.This committee usually requires a sketch of proposed projects for their review. Once they grant approval the approved drawing with signature(s) needs to be brought back to the Development Services Department.

The Building Services Department has a pamphlet which can guide and assist the homeowner in complying with the Mathieu - Gast Act so they may receive relief from property assessments based on normal repairs, replacements, and maintenance expenditures. Stop into the Development Services Department to pick up a copy of this brochure.

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Solicitors LicenseA Solicitors License is required for door to door sales within the City limits.  The cost is $25.00 per solicitor per day or $200 per solicitor annually.  Please contact the City Clerks office to apply for a permit.