Flowers and Trees

ResizedImage-10.aspxFlowers are welcome, with the permission of the Cemetery Superintendent. 

The planting of trees and shrubs is prohibited except as approved by the Cemetery Superintendent.

Placing of individual pots in the ground is prohibited, however, one pot or urn may be placed at each grave in line with the monument or marker.

No glass containers will be allowed.

Staked flowerpot holders are allowed with permission.  Flowers must be cared for by the family members or caretakers of the lot.

Flowers will NOT be maintained by the Brookside Cemetery staff.

  • Spring and summer flowers and decorations may be placed after May 15th each year and must be removed by October 1st for fall cleanup.
  • Winter flowers and decorations may be placed after November 15th and must be removed by April 1st for spring cleaning.
Water outlets are located throughout the Cemetery for plant watering.

Pets are not allowed in Brookside Cemetery.