Cemetery Milestone

A lot of people know that Brookside was started in 1853, with 282 bodies transferred from the former cemetery downtown that is now Elliot Park. But do you know how many burials we currently have? On a cold, quiet day in January, we interred our 10,000th resident. Obviously, there were no celebrations, the family may not have even known that they had that distinct honor, and there was a reason for this. All of our families are treated with the same dignity and care, whether they are the 1,000th or 10,000th.

For generations, Brookside Cemetery has taken care of the citizens of Tecumseh and the surrounding area. What sets this cemetery apart from many others is the quaint, tranquil, park-like setting that makes people feel comfortable being here, comfortable enough to ride their bike, rollerblade, walk or simply sit and enjoy the solitude. The staff at Brookside Cemetery encourages residents to enjoy the grounds, and keep just a few things in mind.

Brookside Cemetery is one of the few public outdoor spaces in Tecumseh that is a no pet zone; please keep that in mind as you take your daily stroll with your family pet.  We also remind you to keep your vehicle speed at an absolute minimum for the safety of everyone using the grounds.  Many people are here honoring their ancestors and loved ones; the last thing on their mind is vehicle traffic.  Lastly, if you notice individuals mistreating the grounds please let us know.  Our staff takes great pride in maintaining this wonderful space.  Report vandalism and damage by contacting Superintendent Tracey Roberts at 517-423-3632 or by email at troberts@tecumseh.mi.us.

Brookside Cemetery has been here for 165 years and with your help and respect it can remain the dignified, peaceful haven that has been chosen by over 10,000 families as the final resting place for their loved ones, as well as a place where people can come and observe nature, take a stroll, reflect and be at peace with the universe for generation upon generation to come.