City Announces Road Construction



The City of Tecumseh is announcing road construction for a portion of Macon Hwy. and a portion of S. Evans Street.  Travel will be affected at the locations listed below:

Location: Macon Hwy. between N. Evans St. and Grange Hall Hwy.
Dates: 8/1/20 through 9/12/20

Location: S. Evans St. between Chicago Blvd. and Russell Rd.

Dates: 7/27/20 through 9/12/20

Travel will be allowed for residents located within the impacted areas. If you are not a resident in the affected areas, we ask that you seek an alternate route and avoid these constructions zones during the dates listed above.

 While we know this may be inconvenient for a brief period of time, the quality of our roads is important to our community and we appreciate your support!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

The City of Tecumseh

Department of Public Works


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

The City of Tecumseh