VIN and Salvage Inspections

Any officer can do a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection.

If you need a VIN inspection, and have the proper paperwork from Secretary of State, contact the department to set up an appointment. Usually an officer can come out within an hour and the inspection takes about 5 minutes.

Salvage Inspections are done only for city residents. If you are anticipating the need for a salvage inspection, contact Officer Hissong prior to rebuilding the vehicle. The inspection will be much easier if the parts can be inspected prior to assembly and you have obtained the necessary paperwork from the Secretary of State prior to the inspection. Salvage inspections are lengthy.

A fee of $100.00 is charged for all salvage inspections.


Tecumseh Police Department provides an unlock service should you lock your keys in your vehicle.

Should you lock your keys in your vehicle the Department may be able to help.  Officers carry tools to open locked vehicles.  When calling be prepared to give the make, model and color of your vehicle and an exact location for our officers to be able to find you. 

DISCLAIMER:  Sometimes the tools leave marks on the vehicle and in rare cases the vehicle may be damaged.  Neither the Department nor the Officer can be held responsible for any damage incurred while attempting to unlock the vehicle.

Snow Emergency

During the winter months, vehicle owners need to be aware of changing weather conditions.

If there is an accumulation of two inches of snow or more, a snow emergency is in effect.

During a snow emergency parking on the street is prohibited.

The street department needs all vehicles off the street to clear the snow. If the forecast calls for snow overnight, please park all vehicles in the drive. If you do not have a driveway, vehicles can be parked in the City lots downtown. Officers may ticket a vehicle parked on the street during a snow emergency.

Snow Emergencies will be announced on local media.

Property Inspections


Tecumseh Police Department offers property inspections for city residents who are going out of town.

Officers will conduct a walk around inspection of the outside of the home to check for any damage or illegal entry. Forms can be filled out 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. — midnight at the department. You will be asked to provide a local emergency contact and your vacation address.

Vacation Checklist

  • Does someone you trust have a key to the residence?
  • Do they have access to keys to any vehicles left at the residence?
  • Will that person check the home periodically?
  • Is that person familiar with your alarm system and know the code?
  • Have you asked a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on the residence? (Tell them who is authorized to be there.)
  • Have you stopped or forwarded your mail and paper service?
  • Have you arranged for snow removal and/or yard care?
  • Have you arranged for pet care?
  • Do you have light timers?
  • Are all appliances turned off?
  • Is the heat turned down but not off so the pipes don't freeze?
  • Are all the windows and doors secure?
  • Are there any perishable food items in the residence? (Check the refrigerator.)
  • Did you fill out a Property Inspection sheet at your local Police Department?

Motorized Scooters

Parents who are considering purchasing a motorized scooter for their children need to research the legality of these devices before making the investment.

Generally parents assume that if it is legal for a store to sell an item it is legal for their children to use the item sold to them. The fact is that most motorized scooters are not legal to operate on Michigan streets; and because they are a motor vehicle they cannot be driven on sidewalks.

A motorized scooter, while not specifically defined in the Michigan Vehicle Code, does fall under the definition of a "moped" (MCL.257.32b). Mopeds are required to have certain equipment such as a headlight, seat, horn, muffler, and brakes on each wheel in order to be legally operated on the roadways. In addition, the operator must have an operators/chauffeurs license and the vehicle must be registered with the Secretary of State and display a valid registration sticker. Finally, a person operating a moped must wear an approved crash helmet if they are under 19 years of age.

Because motorized scooters are not equipped with the required equipment they cannot be legally driven on the roadway.

Also, by definition, they are a motor vehicle and therefore cannot be driven on a sidewalk constructed for use by pedestrians. If you have any questions concerning the legality of riding a motorized scooter, please call the Tecumseh Police Department at 517-423-7494.

If you have more questions regarding the legality of motorized scooters please visit Citizen Observer at: