Bill Adjustments

Under- or over-charges resulting from estimated meter readings may be reviewed once they come to the department’s attention.

Estimated Meter Readings

Occasionally, it may be necessary to estimate water usage. Estimating is done only when a water meter cannot be read. The estimated usage is calculated by averaging the previous four actual reads. Once an actual read is obtained, any discrepancy in the estimating may be corrected.

After Hours Service Request

Occasionally, it may be necessary to request service from the Utilities Department after normal business hours. Service personnel are on call 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. Depending on the call, there may be charges to reimburse overtime costs, so it is suggested that after hours calls occur only for emergencies.

Final Bills

When occupants move, it is their responsibility to notify the Utilities Department so a final water meter reading can be scheduled and obtained. A final reading will be collected and a final bill calculated accordingly.

Partial Payments-Payment Plans

There may be times when genuine hardships make it difficult to pay utility bills. Residential customers may apply for a payment plan. Partial payments are accepted, but will include penalties on any unpaid balance. Please call 424-6545 with any questions or to discuss possible payment arrangements.

Night Deposit Box

A night deposit box is provided for all customers near the northwest back door at City Hall. The night box is emptied every workday morning at 7:00 am.

High Bills

High water bill amounts may be the result of several factors. The most common factor is a leak within the home, such as a leaking toilet for leaking faucet. Other causes may be a change in water use habits, additional people in the home for a period of time, watering the lawn and landscaping and water softeners regenerating. If you notice an abnormally high bill, please contact the Utility Billing office at 424-6545 and department staff may be able to help investigate.

Shut off for Non-Payment

Shut off for nonpayment is initiated after an account is 60 days past due, and will occur 3-5 days following the due date.

Hydrant Use

The Utilities Department may allow the operation of fire hydrants for purchasing water by approved contractors, and with the use of a hydrant meter. A hydrant meter can be made available with appropriate application and payment of a deposit. Hydrant meters are billed similarly to regular home meters.

Procedures for Sanitary Sewer Issues

In the case of a sewer backup during normal business hours, please call the Utilities Department at 424-6545. A crew will be sent to investigate the issue and report back. If the problem is in the City’s sewer main, the main will be cleared. If the problem is in the customers sewer line from the building to the sewer main, the customer will be instructed to call a private sewer cleaning company to try and correct the problem.

In the case of a sewer backup outside normal working hours, please call the Emergency Services Department at 423-4545 and they will contact the on-call crew to investigate, but if the problem is in the customer’s sewer line, the customer will be charged for the overtime call.

Where does our water come from?

The City of Tecumseh water supply is from seven wells. Chlorine is added for disinfection, fluoride is added for dental benefits and phosphate is added to keep the iron in suspension.

Discolored Water

Discolored, or “red” water is caused by organic iron in the water mains. This iron can move through water mains and travel into homes and buildings, and while it is unsightly, the water is safe to use for drinking, cooking and bathing. The entire system of water mains is flushed in the spring and fall to help with this issue.

Iron and Hardness

There is approximately 0.70 mg/L of iron in the City’s water, and the hardness is 19 grains, or 325 parts per million.