Property Inspections


Tecumseh Police Department offers property inspections for city residents who are going out of town.

Officers will conduct a walk around inspection of the outside of the home to check for any damage or illegal entry. Forms can be filled out 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. — midnight at the department. You will be asked to provide a local emergency contact and your vacation address.

Vacation Checklist

  • Does someone you trust have a key to the residence?
  • Do they have access to keys to any vehicles left at the residence?
  • Will that person check the home periodically?
  • Is that person familiar with your alarm system and know the code?
  • Have you asked a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on the residence? (Tell them who is authorized to be there.)
  • Have you stopped or forwarded your mail and paper service?
  • Have you arranged for snow removal and/or yard care?
  • Have you arranged for pet care?
  • Do you have light timers?
  • Are all appliances turned off?
  • Is the heat turned down but not off so the pipes don't freeze?
  • Are all the windows and doors secure?
  • Are there any perishable food items in the residence? (Check the refrigerator.)
  • Did you fill out a Property Inspection sheet at your local Police Department?