Tecumseh's City Government


Tecumseh operates under the Council-Manager form of government.

The City Council consists of an elected Mayor and six elected Council Members, all serving two-year terms. Council duties include adopting and amending City laws, approving the budget, establishing City policies and standards, approving contracts and agreements, appointing citizens to boards, committees and commissions and representing the City.

City Council also appoints the City Manager to administer the City's day-to-day operations. The City Manager works with all City departments to carry out the policies adopted by City Council.

Council meetings are open to the public and residents of Tecumseh are always welcome and invited to attend.

Tecumseh's City Council meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers, located at 309 E. Chicago Boulevard, Tecumseh, Michigan.