Adrian College Intern Writes About Impressions of Tecumseh

“Tecumseh Welcomes You”

I first became acquainted with Tecumseh my freshman year of college because it was on route to my school. I was welcomed by the rows of trees illuminating my path. It was like a red-carpet, Tecumseh style. As I drove through the downtown, I went the slowest possible speed to gaze out my window and appreciate all of its offerings. From the Wild Iris to Basil Boys, I began to notice one more addition to the downtown each time I traveled through. I was so intrigued by the inviting city that I felt like I could not resist the offer to spend some quality time in Tecumseh.

To escape campus, my friends and I would trek into the city to check out the places I only saw driving through. My expectation of these stores on the outside was pittance in comparison with what was inside them. One of the stores that caught my eye was the British Pantry. When I walked inside, I instantly traveled back to my time studying abroad in England. Each store we went into, there was an innovative spirit that exuded its own magical appeal. It sounds cliché to say, but there is something to say about a town that strives for a timeless allure.

Currently, I have an internship in the heart of downtown. This has given me the opportunity to see people at work for the city. Seeing the behind-the-scene operation, it explains why the city is so successful: when something is made with love, it produces love.

Tecumseh is a safe, friendly community that is constantly mastering improvement. From the many events that are offered downtown to even the ice skating rink behind City Hall, Tecumseh welcomes you to not only be a member of their community, but they ask you to experience Tecumseh.

To those who pass through: stop, and take the time to explore the city. To those who live here: hats off to your beautiful town.


Written by Hanna Hubbard

Adrian College Intern with the Tecumseh Economic Development Department 

Published in the Tecumseh Herald March 3, 2011