TCA Adds to Our Quality of Life

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TCA Adds to Our Quality of Life

By Kevin Welch

Tecumseh City Manager


As the Tecumseh Herald kicks off its first edition of its second weekly publication, I am happy to be a regular provider of news from the City. I promise to use this opportunity to provide timely and helpful information to readers of the Herald.

I would like to let you know a little bit about what is taking at the Tecumseh Center for the Arts.  The TCA is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year! We are very fortunate to have quality staff and performances at this great venue right here in Tecumseh. The TCA was a wonderful gift to this community by the Herrick family. One that we should feel proud and grateful to have complimenting the quality of life for all ages in Tecumseh.  I wonder how many of your children and grandchildren have performed at the TCA? That is an experience that would be hard to replace in any other way.

The current season is pretty spectacular. In the next few weeks, the TCA will host the Irish Rovers, which is always a huge draw. The Tecumseh Youth Theatre will perform Alice in Wonderland Junior in February. While the TCA is a wonderful asset for us all to enjoy, it is experiencing its own set of struggles.  You can make a difference!  By purchasing tickets, asking a friend to join you, telling others about this gem in our community, you can help ensure the long-term survival of this community staple.

Have you considered what the Tecumseh Center for the Arts means to you?  

The theater has helped instill, in thousands of people, an appreciation and love of the arts which they will carry with them all their lives.  Over the last 30 years the TCA made it possible for:

       •   Over 1 Million people to enjoy a performance

       •   Over 750 events by local companies, providing an astonishing variety of great shows

       •   More than 20,000 friends and neighbors to take the stage in various  performances

       •   More than 45,000 students in Tecumseh and the surrounding area to take the stage in educational performances

       •   80 students at the Tecumseh Public Schools to train with our professional staff

Sponsors like United Bank and Trust, Martins Home Center, Downtown Printing and Edward Jones, as well as contributions from The Sage Foundation, Elizabeth Ruthruff Wilson Foundation and the Weatherwax Foundation have been incredibly generous.  We also need support from patrons like you!

I would like to ask you to support the TCA by attending functions and consider a donation. The TCA has a number of ways that you can support them financially.  You can attend the 30th Anniversary celebration on February 27 or the Stew and Brew event at Evans Street Station on March 13 following the Irish Rovers performance.  Please feel free to call me directly at 517 424 6555 or the TCA directly at 517 424 6617.