New Management Team Recommended at the TCA

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New Management Team Recommended at the TCA 
The City of Tecumseh and the Tecumseh Center for the Arts are both pleased to announce that a new management team has been recommended to City Council to lead the Tecumseh Center for the Arts (TCA) into the future. Kathy Fields’ role as the Executive Assistant at the TCA will be expanded as she takes on the role of TCA Operations Manager, heading up the theater’s daily operations. In addition to Kathy's various roles at the TCA, her background also includes plenty of interaction with the Tecumseh Youth Theater.  Kathy is also well connected with other performing arts groups in the community.  Shelley Lim, currently the City's Parks and Recreation Director and formerly the City’s Marketing Director, will assist Kathy and bring her budgeting, marketing, fund raising and management skills to the TCA. Shelley will oversee the Parks and Recreation Department and TCA. The TCA will continue to be a stand-alone department within the City, but will benefit from the sharing of overhead expenses with other city departments.   We are pleased and excited that these two individuals have agreed to accept these positions.
 In addition, Joh Walker, while helping to start her own family business, will step down as the TCA Director, effective June 30, 2011. She will continue on a part-time basis at the TCA and will assist Kathy and Shelley through the summer to transition and to help with future marketing, fund raising and other strategic tasks.
This selection is not only a strategic decision, but allows the TCA to reduce its overhead and provide an expanded level of staffing to continue to make the TCA successful.
 This team of talented and eager individuals, along with Karen Bunch and Rebecca Peach, will continue the long tradition at the TCA:  To enrich our community through music, theater and dance as a premier entertainment venue and a source of the arts for our many partners, from youth to adults. 

For additional information regarding the management changes at the Tecumseh Center for the Arts, contact Tecumseh City Manager, Kevin Welch at 517-424-6555 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..